Ryūgo Someoka (染岡 竜吾?) (Kevin Dragonfly) (Forward) - Self-proclaimed ace striker of the team, he had troubles with Goenji for that position. Later, he accepts Goenji and acquires new techniques, like the Dragon Crash, Wyvern Crash and the Dragon Slayer, and combining with Gouenji to form Dragon Tornado. He initially had trouble accepting Fubuki as he strongly felt that Gouenji shouldn't be replaced and the ace-striker seat was rightfully Gouenji's. However, he later overcame it, with Endou's help, with the belief that they were strengthening the team so that when Gouenji came back, the team would be good enough for him. He has a combination hissatsu technique with Fubuki -- Wyvern Blizzard.

Moves Edit

  • Dragon Crash
  • Dragon Tornado [Combined with Goenji]
  • Megane Crash [Combined with Megane]
  • Wyvern Crash
  • Koutei Penguin No.2 [Combined with Kido & Ichinose]
  • Wyvern Blizzard [Combined with Fubuki]
  • Dark Phoenix [Combined with Kazemaru & Max]
  • Wyvern Crash V2
  • Dragon Slayer