The various moves in the Inazuma Eleven Universe

Endou MamoruEdit

  • Real God Hand (真ゴッドハンド) A large glowing hand appears and stops the ball from entering the goal
  • Hotblood Punch (熱血パンチ, Nekketsu Punch) His own hand begins to glow and he makes a sideway punch at the ball
  • Exploding Punch (爆裂パンチ, Bakurestsu Punch)
  • Majin The Hand Revised (マジン・ザ・ハンド改, Majin the Hand Kai)
  • Megatan Head (メガトンヘッド)
  • Fist of Justice (正義の鉄拳, Seigi no Tekken)
  • Hammer of Wrath (いかりのてっつい)Jumps up uses Majin the Hand smashes the ground
  • The Phoenix→Tri Pegasus (トライペガサス→ザ・フェニックス) Three players cross each other and kick the ball [Combined with Ichinose & Domon]
  • Inazuma No.1 (イナズマ1号) A player kicks the ball and two others kick it at the same time to destination [Combined with Gouenji]
  • Inazuma Break V2 (イナズマブレイクV2) Three players kick the ball in mid-air [Combined with Gouenji & Kido]
  • The Earth (ジ・アース) [Combined with Gouenji & Fubuki]
  • Inazuma Drop No.1 [Combined with Kabeyama and Goenji]

Gouenji ShuyaEdit

  • Fire Tornado (ファイアトルネード) A player kicks the ball after mid-air rotations
  • Exploding Storm (爆裂ストーム, Bakurestsu Storm)
  • Exploding Screw (爆熱スクリュー, Bakurestsu Screw )
  • Dragon Tornado (ドラゴントルネード) [Combined with Someoka]
  • Inazuma Drop (イナズマ落とし, Inazuma Otoshi) [Combined with Kabeyama]
  • Weathercock of Flame (炎の風見鶏) [Combined with Kazemaru]
  • Twin Boost Fire (ツインブーストF) [Combined with Kido]
  • Inazuma Break (イナズマブレイクV2) Three players kick the ball in mid-air [Combined with Endou & Kido]
  • Inazuma No.1 (イナズマ1号, Inazuma Ichigo) A player kicks the ball and two others kick it at the same time to destination [Combined with Endoui]
  • The Earth (ジ・アース) [Combined with Endou & Fubuki]
  • Tiger Storm (タイガーストーム) [Combined with Toramaru]
  • Grand Fire [Combined with Toramaru and Hiroto]
  • Final Tornado[The Phoenix + Fire Tornado]
  • Dark Tornado
  • Reverse Tornado

Fubuki ShirouEdit

  • Eternal Blizzard
  • Cross Fire [Combined with Gouenji]
  • Wolf Legend
  • The Earth (ジ・アース) [Combined with Endou & Gouenji]

Someoka RyugoEdit

  • Dragon Crash
  • Dragon Tornado [Combined with Goenji]
  • Megane Crash [Combined with Megane]
  • Wyvern Crash
  • Koutei Penguin No.2 [Combined with Kido & Ichinose]
  • Wyvern Blizzard [Combined with Fubuki]
  • Dark Phoenix [Combined with Kazemaru & Max]
  • Wyvern Crash V2
  • Dragon Slayer

Kido YutoEdit

  • Emperor Penguin No 2. [Combined with Gouenji and Ichinose]
  • Illusion Ball

Ichinose KazuyaEdit

  • Spinning Shoot
  • Spiral Shoot
  • Flame Dance
  • Tri-Pegasus

Ichirouda KazemaruEdit

*Weathercock of Flame [Combined with Gouenji]

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