Yūto Kidō (鬼道 有人?) (Jude Sharp) (Midfielder) - He wears goggles and a red cape. Originally from Teikoku. The reason why he plays for Teikoku is for his sister, Haruna Otonashi. He was forced to win 3 constructive soccer championships in order to be with her again, so he decided not to contact her for 6 years, leading Otonashi to believe she gets in his way. After seeing Kageyama's wrongdoings, he and the rest of Teikoku quit. Eventually, Kidou joins Endou's team, changing his cape to blue. He is mostly the strategist of the team. In Raimon Middle School, he is close friends with Endou and Goenji and he can do combinations with Endou and Goenji called the Inazuma Break. Other combination techniques include Emperor Penguin No.2, Death Zone, Death Zone 2 and Emperor Penguin No.3. Individual hissatsu techniques also include Illusion Ball.


Ability Edit

  • Kotei Penguin No.2 (皇帝ペンギン2号)
  • Illusion Ball (イリュージョンボール)
  • Twin Boost (ツインブースト)
    • Twin Boost F (ツインブーストF)
  • Inazuma Break V2 (イナズマブレイクV2)
  • Death Zone 2 (デスゾーン2)
  • Kotei Penguin No.3 (皇帝ペンギン3号)